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IMG_0755Sarah Elliot started writing fanfiction at the age of ten when she was diagnosed with dyslexia and slowly it built up into writing her own original stories, characters and worlds. She graduated from Swansea University with an MA in Creative Media Writing in 2009, had three plays performed by the Flullen Theatre Group (Swansea) and then was first published as an author in 2014. She works as an admin and attends conventions most weekends in the UK.

How do you like to celebrate Halloween?

In the UK, Halloween is still a little on the quiet side but it’s steadily getting more recognized. Generally, if someone is throwing a party I’ll dig out a costume and head over for some drinks and a laugh. If there’s not one on, usually because it’s a school night, then I’ll be on Trick-o-Treat duty and will either see if there are any scary movies…

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The Life and Bizarre Death of “Necro-Entrepreneur” Locusta, the World’s First Known Serial Killer

The original serial killer. Great read.

Dirty, Sexy History

WDM27975 The Love Potion. Evelyn de Morgan, 1903.

Little is known about the world’s first serial killer, which is perhaps why accounts of Locusta’s death are . . . eccentric?

Here’s what we do know: Locusta hailed from Gaul, the outer province of Ancient Rome now known as France. Trained in herbs, she mastered the system of “patronage” and made a name for herself as a reliable assassin – or as Dr. Katherine Ramsland calls Locusta’s business, “necro-entrepreneur.” [1] To Locusta’s benefit, Rome brimmed with wealthy, would-be-patrons, eager to hasten the death of rich relatives. These clients also reliably bailed Locusta out of prison when events didn’t unfold per plan.

In AD 54, Empress Agrippina, the fourth wife—and niece—of Emperor Claudius, grew tired of her uncle/husband. She conspired with Locusta to murder Claudius in order to place her son from a previous marriage, Nero, on the throne. The Emperor, however, proved…

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Cover Reveal: The Stranger Horror Anthology

Corbeau Media

Corbeau Cover largeCorbeau Media is delighted to announce that our first horror anthology, The Stranger, will be coming out on October 2nd. We have twelve stellar authors with creepy stories about everything from Spiritualism and cemetery guardians to serial killers and haunted cookie cutters. There’s something for everyone in this mix and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We have some of your favorite authors as well as some exciting new faces joining us for this project, including Denise Agnew, Katy Andersen, Joan Blackheart, Courtney Butler, Jessica Cale, D.L. Duncan, Sarah Elliot, Arthur M. Harper, Jennifer Johnson, Rosanna Leo, Quenby Olson, and Justin Thoby.

Up until release day, we will be sharing links and bonus content like author interviews and excerpts from the anthology. Pre-order links will be up soon, so be sure to stop back.

Stay spooky x

Stranger Teaser 1

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